How can I tell if my product is ENERGY STAR® Certified?

Fill in the drop down menus to find the NFRC ratings and ENERGY STAR qualifications of a certain door or window. Or if you have an Order Number, you can use that to lookup the values.

ENERGY STAR and the EPA are committed to improving manufacturer's products to ensure energy efficient products are being produced.

ProVia is committed to helping you find energy-efficient doors and windows that meet ENERGY STAR requirements.


Energy Performance
U-Factor (U.S/I-P):   0.28
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC):   0.19
Visible Transmittance:   0.19
Air Infiltration:   0.05 cfm/ft²
Description 1:   Signet Fiberglass Entry Door in Wood Frame
Description 2:   Style 430DC - 1/2 Lite
Description 3:   Double Glaze Clear Glass
ENERGY STAR:   Not Certified
CPD:   PRD-N-87-21716-00001


Listed below are explanations of what the above numbers represent:
U-Factor measures the insulating value. The LOWER the U-Factor, the better it insulates. Refer to the energy performance calculator for what U-factor is certified for your area.
  Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
SHGC represents the amount of heat from the sun that passes through the glass. SHGC is noticeable by feeling the warm carpet where the sun is shining through a door or window. Refer to the energy performance calculator for what SHGC is certified for your area.
  Visible Transmittance
Visible Transmittance represents the amount of daylight (or visible light) that passes through the glass. A high number allows more light to pass through the glass than a low number. Most homeowners prefer as much visible light as possible. The lower the number, the darker the interior.
  Air Infiltration
Air Leakage measures how much outside air comes into a home or building through a door or window. Air leakage rates typically fall into a range between 0.1 and 0.5. The lower the air leakage, the better the product is at keeping out air.
  ENERGY STAR Certified
The ENERGY STAR certified logo means you are buying a product that meets or exceeds the ENERGY STAR requirements in saving energy by promoting energy-efficient products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
    ENERGY STAR Regions Map
Use this map to determine your ENERGY STAR region:


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